About us

Hurst & Associates is a fee attorney and escrow agent for Austin Title.  We perform real estate closing and title services for residential real estate clients, commercial clients, mortgage companies, realtors, and relocation companies. Our firm focuses on Title Issues, Closings, Real Estate, and Corporate Legal matters and has over 20 years of combined experience in these areas.  We have operations throughout the State of Texas including: Austin, San Antonio*, Dallas*, and Fort Worth*. 

In the State of Texas, title insurance premiums are set by the Texas Department of Insurance; consequently, law firms and title companies must differentiate themselves based on quality of service.  Because title premiums do not vary, we provide an enhanced level of service to our customers by having attorneys perform your closing ... we also offer a convenient moible closing service.


Our firm offers the following programs to residential clients, commercial clients, mortgage companies, realtors, and relocation companies who want to increase the satisfaction level of their clients.  We will: 

1.  conduct closings at YOUR HOME, YOUR OFFICE, or at one of OUR OFFICES;

2.  offer flexible closing times including NIGHTS and WEEKENDS; and

3.  assign experienced ATTORNEYS to participate in every transaction.